Current share price:


The Company has 23,126,831 ordinary shares in issue as at 10 April 2015. So far as the company is aware there is approximately 65.33% of the Company`s shares not held in public hands. Metro Baltic Horizons Plc does not hold any Treasury Shares.


Major Shareholders

Registered shareholders as at 31 March 2015 % Holding  
Pershing International Nominees                         58.92%  
Fitel Nomiees 8.69%  
Halb Nominees Limited 6.49%  
Chase Nominees  5.69%  
 Pershing Nominees Limited 3.24%   
Regulatory announcements from Oct 2011   RNS date
Sensan Investment Holdings No 1 Ltd 11.6% 10.08.11
Worldwide Opportunity Fund (Cayman) Ltd 15.85% 22.02.12
Richard Goodbody 3.56% 09.05.14
 Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft 7.46%  15.07.14 


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